• CAST & CREW - Selecting a cast and crew for your production can be very difficult. If you decide to just let your friends and family help you on your production, the quality will suffer. We suggest that you go to your local FILM SCHOOL or theatre school to find students to help you in your filmic ventures. Obviously, these students will be volunteering for you if you want to get the cheapest possible labour. Many will simply work to get experience in the industry they wish to persue, this is your chance to exploit them. Here is a list of COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES from all over the world. Find the ones nearest you and go to these faculties and advertise that you need a cast & crew. Most schools have bulletin boards in their film/media faculty where you can post adds. You'll probably have to go through the school's main office to get permission to put up flyers. Just do something eye-poping to get the student's attention. Promise them that you will teach them how to become no-budget film-makers and show them all the tricks. Our website is here to help teach people and if you can pass along our knowledge this benefits everyone.

  • CATERING - The problem with a volunteer crew is that they will not work happily or productively without nurishment. It will probably be up to you as an independent producer to feed them. The cheapest way to feed them is to go to a bulk food store and purchase chips, apples and cookies. Weather conditions also play on what you have to purchase. If you shoot outdoors in the winter, you may have to borrow a friend's coffee machine to keep your cast and crew warm. And during the hot summer, simple, cold tap water will quench their thirst.

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