Alfalfa was a great little rascal, probably one of the best known. But out of all the little rascals his death remains the biggest mystery.

Here are some confusing facts that remain: After a night of drinking, Alfalfa and friend Jack Piott went to collect money from Bud Stiltz on the evening of January 21, 1959, by pounding on his door posing as the police and forcing their way into his house late at night while he and his wife & children were sleeping. Bud Stiltz claimed that Alfalfa threw a knife at him across the room. Alfalfa was shot by Bud Stiltz in the stomach, and died. Bud Stiltz claimed that Alfalfa, after being shot in the stomach, closed the knife before he fell. A knife was found either beside Alfalfa's body, or underneath his body, based on two different conflicting news stories, even though Bud said he had thrown it across the room at him. Alfalfa's friend, Jack Piott, said that Alfalfa was unarmed, and there was no knife involved. The death was ruled justifiable.

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Some questions that remain: Alfalfa was shot the year before by an unknown assailant in front of a bar, and suffered a flesh wound to the arm. Are the two shootings somehow related? Did Bud Stiltz have any previous arrest or any arrest after he killed Carl Switzer in self defense? We know Alfalfa had a previous police record. Jack Piott was apparently the only witness at the crime scene. Why didn't the police take his word over Bud Stiltz's and investigate further? Did Carl Switzer's family try to get the case to go to trial, or did they realize that fighting a solid case of self protection from a drunken wildman was useless? Also, Bud said that Alfalfa closed his knife as he was falling to the floor. How and why would a dying man be able to do this? But what Bud is really saying, is that a closed knife was found at the murder scene.

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