Buckwheat Episode Guide

Episode #127 and Buckwheat's very first appearance as a "Little Rascal". Played by Carlena Beard, the episode was entitled, "For Pete's Sake!". Bratty Leonard breaks Marianne's doll, and refuses to do anything about it. The little girl has been ill, and older sister Jackie explains that she always takes the doll to sleep with her. Wally and the boys promise to have a new doll in her hands by bedtime, one with eyes that open and close.

Episode #128. "The First Round-Up" Willie Mae Taylor as Buckwheat. The gang plans an elaborate camping trip, roughing it for maybe a week or more, although Wally's father is certain that they'll be back that night after it gets dark.

Episode #129. "Honky Donkey" Willie Mae Taylor as Buckwheat. Wally's doting mother sends her son home from the city with chauffeur Barclay, but the youngster instructs him to take a detour through some alleys so he can meet some roughhouse playmates for a change.

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"I started out when I was three years old", Thomas explains. "My mother just took me out to the studio on a regular interview day, and they needed a person, and that was it".The combination of a bewitching smile and deep luminous eyes won Hal Roach's favor and a film contract starting at $40 per week. Living in Los Angeles, he'd been working for Technicolor as a film technician for some twenty years. As a hobby, he was a citizen's band "ham" radio operator. In 1980, sadly, at the age of 49, William "Buckwheat" Thomas died of a heart attack.

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