• SUPER 8MM CAMERAS: The most obvious thing you need in super 8 film-making is the camera. But the problem is that there are only a few super 8 camera manufacturers in production today. There are the medium quality, Russian Kinoflex cameras, as well as the Beaulieu, a French-made Super-8 camera, and the Cadillac of the format. The Beaulieu is the only one considered to be of "professional" quality, like 16mm cameras. You can buy them new or used for about $2000-$10000 dollars. So then where do you get an affordable camera? Well the best place to find good and inexpensive used cameras is at garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops and grandma's attic. If you buy a camera, expect to pay anywhere between 5 and 40 dollars. Find one with a zoom lens and a built in meter. Try to stay away from the cameras that have sound recording because sound film is no longer manufactured. Also remember that since these cameras are no longer in production there are no repair shops to fix them. So use these cameras at your own risk. If you're looking for the best quality used super 8 cameras then you'll have to pay anywhere between 75 and 300 dollars for the top end stuff. Unless of course you decide to buy the Beaulieu.

  • FILM AND SUPPORT MATERIALS: You can still buy film on daylight loading reels for your camera from kodak and other film manufacturers. But Editing equipment and projectors have to be found elsewhere. If you take super 8 shooting seriously you'll want to get yourself a tripod. Because the film is so tiny, it will be very hard to get a good stable shot. If you don't use a tripod or monopod your image quality will suffer.


  • EDITING EQUIPMENT :Editing equipment is the hardest equipment to find in super 8mm. Most consumers of super 8 didn't buy it. People who take home movies don't always intend to edit them. The same is true today when people buy home video cameras. The best place to find editors is usaully at a garage sale. But they won't be as common a find as a camera or projector.

  • PROJECTORS :Good projectors are always a great find. However, be sure to find one with a good bulb and no scratches on the lens. If you buy a projector that takes expensive light bulbs, your super 8 venture could be more expensive then you thought. Make sure the bulb is still being manufactured and costs a reasonable price. Again you can look for projectors in the same places mentioned above. Good luck in your equipment hunt.